S4+Foresight: Facilitating Smart Specialisation for Europe's Green Recovery and Long-term Resilience - 13WS21560

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM




Aligning the EU's recovery strategy with the UN's SDGs, the EU's Green Deal and Horizon Europe's missions gives places a bigger role in implementing those agendas simultaneously and requires a (re)framing of smart specialisation as Europe's answer to place-based innovation. The shift from S3 to S4+, pursuing the objective of leaving no place behind, is leading to new challenges that must be addressed at the local-regional level, while employing new strategic tools, e.g. foresight. This workshop brings together foresight practitioners and smart specialisation experts from different EU countries, highlights transferable best practices and discusses the need for a foresight toolbox to enable the use of this participatory method.









DLR-Project Management AgencyThe Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (TC CAS)
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