Carbon-neutral, sustainable, inclusive! Unlocking cities' full potential through Local Green Deals - 13WS21528

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Green Transition


This session invites you to explore the concept of Local Green Deals as an integrated, bottom-up approach for cities and local communities to take action in line with the European Green Deal towards a green recovery. Recognising the need for systemic change, Local Green Deals go beyond individual action by integrating and connecting actors, projects and strategies at city level across all levels of government.

Focusing on transferable ideas, collaboration opportunities and practical experiences and approaches, the session aims to inspire local communities and governments across Europe to build their own Local Green Deals for a rapid and just transition towards a sustainable future.

Amongst others, the session will explore:

  • The impact of the European Green Deal at ocal level; 
  • What the Local Green Deal framework builds on and how to implement it to accelerate local transformative action;
  • How Local Green Deals can support a sustainable recovery for local communities and how to design community-driven recovery and transition processes;
  • How to use political leadership to mobilise local stakeholders for Local Green Deals.
City of MannheimEuropean Committee of the Regions - ENVE CommissionLocal Governments for Sustainability, Europe (ICLEI-Europe)
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