Digital Transformation for SMEs: Added value of a regional EDIH built upon the S3 - 12WS21341

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM · 1 hr. 30 min. (CET)
Digital Transition


The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate the added value of an EDIH built in direct conjunction with the S3 in order to fit within the regional ecosystem's needs and potentials.

The workshop will be moderated by ERRIN. It will feature DG CONNECT's Unit A.4 Digital Transformation of Industrial Ecosystems and DG REGIO's Unit G1 Smart and Sustainable Growth, as well as the EDIHs of two Regions (the Centre-Val de Loire's "Loire Valley Data Hub for Well-being and Sustainability"  and North-East Romania's "Digital Innovation Zone") to demonstrate how to have an optimised and efficient impact on the digitalisation of local ecosystems when using S3 specialisation areas to build EDIH.

The workshop will focus on "How EDIH and S3 reinforce each other and work together to strengthen regional ecosystems".

Centre-Val de Loire Region
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