Urban integrated approaches - between the green and digital transitions and the New European Bauhaus - 13PL21605

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Participatory Lab - world café, ideas labs
Green Transition


Both the Green Deal and Horizon Europe focus on fair, green and digital transitions for the EU to shape sustainable and liveable futures. Complementing this, the New European Bauhaus highlights the role of design and culture.

From the urban dimension perspective, the green and digital transitions are inextricably linked with questions of liveability, urban design governance, urban robustness and regeneration, placemaking, (bio)diversity, democracy, consumption, climate change, etc. If these ambitions are to succeed, integrated approaches to accommodate a broad diversity of actors and practices are required. Not least when fostering evidence-based policymaking and co-creative experimental approaches.

To develop capacity-building for those implementing EU cohesion policy, and in light of the proposed European Partnership Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) and the European Urban Initiative (EUI), what is being done at these crossroads today? How are city authorities tackling these challenges? How can national and EU programming support stepping up the game towards 2030?

European Commission - DG REGIOEuropean Commission - DG RTDJoint Programming Initiative Urban Europe
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