Innovation for Just Urban Transitions - 14WS21406

Thursday, October 14, 2021 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM · 1 hr. 30 min. (CET)


In light of the pandemic recovery plan, the EU has emphasised both the need for a sustainable, green recovery and the importance of supporting the most vulnerable people, who will be most badly affected by the effects of climate change and transition policies. This commitment is captured in the slogan, "No-one left behind."

Taking account of climate risks, together with their social consequences, UIA projects demonstrate the importance of testing new solutions for a new socio-ecological pact. In this context, it is crucial to bring forward practical interventions and results that could inspire and foster locally-based transitions in EU cities. The session will therefore focus on practical experiences and will use online tools to gather participants' inputs and address the following question: how can the new EU budget help pave the way to a just and green recovery at city level?


  • Eddy Addams – UIA expert, Eddy Adams Consultants


  • Silvia Ganzerla – Policy Director, EUROCITIES
  • Karin Reichert -  Partnership on Jobs and Skills in the Local Economy of the Urban Agenda for the EU, Senate of Berlin
  • Nuala Morgan – Head of Unit for Capitalisation and Communication
  • Vildan Ekiz – Bridge project manager, City of Rotterdam
  • Andrea Patruco – Project Administrator OpenAgri UIA, City of Milan
  • Pia Laurila – Coordinator of the UAEU PS on climate adaptation, European Commision DG REGIO


Urban Innovative Actions Initiative (UIA)
English (EN)


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