Pandemic-proofing public procurement: what are the new challenges? - 12WS21575

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Public procurement has undergone a trial by fire in the pandemic.

What are the lessons to learn for the future?

What public procurement strategies should be put in place to improve supply chain resilience and limit the EU's strategic dependence?

How can public procurement be turned into a powerful lever to stimulate growth and limit the consequences of another COVID-19-like crisis?

Public procurement can play a crucial role in recovering from the crisis. However, to accelerate the economic recovery, public buyers will have to streamline their purchasing practices and use public procurement as a real strategic tool. 

The session will focus on some of the solutions and key areas for transforming public procurement into an efficient tool to foster sustainable and innovative growth, such as developing value-creation strategies, creating new opportunities by investing in joint procurement and partnerships with suppliers and improving supply-chain resilience by looking for alternative procurement sources and having multiple suppliers. 

European Commission - DG GROW
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