The Megalizzi–Niedzielski prize for aspiring journalists - 12EU21519

Special session


The Megalizzi–Niedzielski prize honours the memory of Antonio Megalizzi and Bartek Pedro Orent-Niedzielski, young European journalists with a strong attachment to the EU and its values, who passed away after a terrorist attack in Strasbourg in late 2018.

The prize rewards and encourages promising journalists that share Antonio and Barto’s enthusiasm for the European project and EU cohesion policy in particular, based on their commitment to reporting on the EU, the quality of their previous work as well as their entry into the Youth4Regions competition.

During the Awards ceremony, two outstanding young journalists from the Youth4Regions programme will receive the prize co-awarded by Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, and Omarjee MEP, Chair of the EP REGI Committee.

The session will be moderated by Vivian Loonela, European Commission Spokesperson for the European Green Deal.

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