European Child Guarantee: Can we break the vicious cycle of child poverty? Implementation of the European Child Guarantee at regional and local level - 12INFO22383

Information session (followed by Q&A)
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About one in four children in the EU live in a household that is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Poverty has a negative impact on children's health, social and emotional development, behaviour, and educational outcomes. The European Child Guarantee adopted by the Council in June 2021 asks the EU Member States to guarantee the effective access of children in need to a set of key services: free early childhood education and care, free education (including free meals at school and school-based activities), free healthcare, healthy nutrition, and adequate housing.

This information session will explain the aim and the functioning of the European Child Guarantee. It will focus on the involvement of relevant stakeholders at various governance levels in preparing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating national actions to improve the situation of children in need.

Together, can we break the vicious cycle of children poverty?

European Commission - DG EMPL
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