Implementing inclusive and just Nature-based Solutions: An interactive workshop - 11WS22468

Green Transition


Nature-based Solutions (NBS) for EU cities and regions represent an integral part of the EU’s transition to achieving climate neutrality. In this panel, experts will discuss effective, just and inclusive strategies to design, implement and manage NBS, while engaging under-represented or marginalised stakeholders. Panellists will discuss successful, inclusive NBS co-creation processes and opportunities for upscaling through concrete public commitments.

The workshop will highlight proven innovative strategies and approaches to foster the inclusive engagement of stakeholders. This expert discussion will feature insights from local government, youth activists, participation experts and researchers. Special attention will be paid to the importance and the best ways of including marginalised and under-represented groups in decision-making for Nature-based Solutions’ policy design, governance, and related climate and environmental action.

The session will showcase how restoring urban ecosystems and introducing NBS to urban open spaces can improve health and well-being by reducing the negative impacts of climate change and weather extremes. The discussion will be enriched by data-driven insights on plans and actionable measures from over 180 European cities and regions and supported by the findings of two Horizon 2020 research projects: euPOLIS and INTERLACE. Session participants will have the opportunity to engage in a discussion with the experts and take part in a brainstorming exercise to come up with practical recommendations from the session.

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