#EURegionsWeekUniversity - Digital sustainability? Potentialities and pitfalls of digitally-supported ecological transition in Europe - 11WS22276

Green Transition


The digital revolution is widely impacting urban governance in European cities. We know that digital tools are potentially adequate to make sustainability transition more efficient, effective and broadly accessible. However, the association between digitalisation and sustainability is questionable as it may produce both progressive and regressive socio-environmental implications.

We invite participants to engage with the potentialities but also the pitfalls of digital sustainability, including the impacts of digitech on global environmental changes and its socio-environmental costs.

In detail: The association between digitalisation and sustainability has been promoted by international organisations and the EU institutions under the auspice that dematerialisation, disintermediation and virtualisation of social reproduction processes can lighten our ecological footprint. We know today that sustainability presents a multidimensional character and requires a balance between environmental protection and social measures supporting democratisation, cohesion and justice. Whether digitalisation is serving the environmental cause is questionable as this may produce both progressive and regressive implications in terms of ecological sustainability or social justice. 

Underestimating these challenges might threaten the achievement of transition goals. We want to stimulate collective critical thinking on the sustainability of the production, distribution, use and disposal cycle of digitech to detect where this affects the socio-environmental supporting system and generates polarised power geometries and novel social inequities.

  1. Introduction -  the digital sustainability topic – and why we need to explore it
  2. Speakers' corner
  3. Q&A time
  4. The collaborative drafting with speakers and participants of key challenges for making the EU region more digitally sustainable


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