#EURegionsWeekCollege – Cohesion policy and academic debate - 12WS22138

Territorial Cohesion


This webinar brings together EU officials and academic researchers to discuss the contribution of EU cohesion policy to the post-pandemic recovery and impact of the Ukraine war. It will present the key actions and challenges involved in overcoming current issues and provide an opportunity for discussion and debate between the participants and presenters.

For many years the EURegionsWeek has included a special masterclass for students and early career researchers working on cohesion policy, with participants selected from a competition. As the 2022 EURegionsWeek will be held virtually, the decision was taken to open sessions of the masterclass (known as the College in this virtual format) to all interested students and early career researchers.

The 2022 EURegionsWeek College is co-organised by four learned organisations – RSA Europe leads with support from the Association of European Schools of Planning, the European Regional Science Association and the Regional Studies Association. This combination of input ensures an expert and balanced programme of events aimed at capacity building in the European research community. The #EURegionsWeekCollege replaces the face-to-face masterclass that took place in previous years. It is specifically designed for students and early career researchers and forms part of the capacity building efforts of the #EURegionsWeek partners. With contributions from EU officials and academic researchers it reflects on the current and future challenges for cohesion policy, notably the key questions posed in the 8th Cohesion Report. Participants will have opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the discussions.

Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)European Regional Science Association (ERSA)Regional Studies Association Europe Foundation (RSA Europe)
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