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Youth Empowerment


How can the relationship between local authorities and young people facilitate the transition from education to work? We will see how, via the EYC title, young people have been able to receive support in the transition from education to employment, but also launch startups and collaborate with various stakeholders. EU representatives will speak about the support from EU mechanisms for cities in fostering youth employment. Start-Net will add examples of labour market inclusion at the local level.

The workshop is aimed at deepening understanding of the support from local authorities to young people in their transition from school to jobs, as well as the mechanisms fostering youth entrepreneurship and innovation.
Through the EYC, Tirana's youth were able to get support in the transition from education to employment, launching start-ups and better collaborating with various stakeholders.
Videos will include Klaipeda's Leadership Platform on the support for youth entrepreneurship and Amiens' SPEED-You-UP project on NEETs; and more "young stories" from the EYCs on the transition from education to jobs.
Best practices will be presented by an expert from Start-Net, who will focus on the threats posed by the pandemic to youth employment, and how the EU's work on innovation can benefit young people.
MEP Alicia Homs-Ginel will speak about how the Youth Guarantee can help cities in tackling youth employability.
CoR member Yonnec Polet will focus on the link between local innovation and youth employability.

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