Boosting migrant integration reforms: a reflection on recent events - 13WS22445

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"We will make sure that people who have the right to stay are integrated and made to feel welcome. They have a future to build – and skills, energy and talent" - President von der Leyen, State of the Union Address 2020

This workshop aims to take stock of lessons learnt from inspiring migrant integration reforms across the European Union (EU) during the past decade. The Syrian refugee wave, the COVID-19 pandemic and the forced displacement of people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine have highlighted the vital contribution and importance of migrant integration at regional and local levels and triggered a vast array of initiatives, as well as long-lasting structural reforms.

Successful integration reforms are rooted in the actions of EU regions, cities and municipalities. Here, coordination with central authorities is crucial. It benefits the sustainability of the reforms on the ground and enables upscaling success stories; be it around education, employment, health or housing. This workshop will be an opportunity to nurture the debate and reflect on several open questions:

  • How can EU Member States implement sustainable migrant integration reforms?
  • How can regional and local authorities contribute to the development of these reforms, and what are the main challenges they face in doing so?
  • What are examples of good practices that were successfully replicated in EU Member States?
  • What are the biggest integration challenges at the moment, following the unprecedented displacement of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine?
  • How can integration policies best address concerns and tensions among local populations?
European Commission - DG REFORM
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