#EURegionsWeekUniversity - Towards a Just Transition for Europe's regions - 12WS22420

Green Transition


While the EU has been an innovator in terms of its Just Transition Fund, this centres on regions focused on fossil fuel extraction and energy-intensive industries. That is key BUT the concept of a "just transition" has a broader resonance for Europe's regions given the wider shifts to a low-carbon economy and the digital transition brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This session breaks new ground in examining what a just transition means for Europe's regions undergoing multiple transitions.

The EU has led the world in developing a "Just Transition Fund" as part of its Green Deal. This is critical in helping regions focused on energy-intensive industries and on producing fossil fuels in making the switch to low-carbon futures.

Yet the concept of a "Just Transition" has gained much wider salience for sectors and regions undergoing multiple transitions. The shift to a low-carbon sustainable future affects all regions. Meanwhile, the digital transition unleashed as part of the fourth Industrial Revolution means that many new jobs will be created and many destroyed as the Industry 4.0 digital revolution continues.

Regions will need to consider multiple dimensions of the transition with implications for a range of stakeholders.

What are the key elements of a "just transition" given such multiple transitions, and what does this mean for Europe's regions and cohesion policy? This session will break new ground in examining what a just transition means for Europe's regions.

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