Achieving the EU Green Deal through Responsible Public Procurement and Innovation - 12WS22072

Green Transition


The EU Urban Agenda has teamed up with the EIC to explore synergies for the benefit of both European cities and regions and EIC-supported innovators. This workshop will present how cities and regions across Europe could exploit the opportunities offered by the EIC, mainly through innovation procurement, and it will present concrete examples of how the challenges faced by regional stakeholders could attract the interest of top-notch European innovators.

The EU Urban Agenda will also present the New Action Plan – a platform for procurers to exchange knowledge and experience, achieve EU Green Deal goals by using public procurement and innovation and learn how to rebuild the economy during a crisis using public procurement as a strategic tool.

We look forward to your participation in this interesting workshop! 

City of GabrovoCity of HaarlemNantes MetropoleRegion of Central Macedonia
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