Smart strategies for economic development in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia - 12WS22522

Territorial Cohesion


Smart Specialisation Strategies, a key approach supporting innovation, have become one of the important policy processes for our Eastern Neighbours and are included in key policy and programming documents of the EU: they are one of the Research and Innovation Deliverables for Eastern Partnership for 2025.

They are eligible for financing under the new Economic and Investment Plan for Eastern Partnership and Horizon WIDERA programme. Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia are the most advanced Eastern Partnership countries in the development of their Strategies.

The current geopolitical context shifts the focus towards the question of how these strategies could support a process of economic development and address newly emerging societal challenges. Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia will share their thoughts and experience during the event.

The Commission has new tools at its disposal that will also be presented: new ways of delivering efficient support to the development and implementation of smart specialisation strategies as part of the Cohesion policy.



  1. Monika Matusiak, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Team Leader, Smart Specialisation Global Outreach - State of play of S3 in Eastern Partnership (EaP) and new JRC report on the region
  2. Jitka Vocaskova, Directorate-General For Regional and Urban Policy, Policy Analyst - Smart Growth – S3 Community of Practice (with examples from the Agri-Food and Energy Platforms)

Members of Country national S3 teams will share their experience in development and implementation of S3 Strategies and participate in the debate:

  • Mzia Giorgibiani, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia
  • Denis Shemyakin, Director of Reform Support Teams, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
  • Sergiu Porcescu, Head of the Moldovan Office for Science and Technology and member of the Moldova National S3 Team



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