ENI CBC programmes: the rise of an external solidarity tool for Ukraine - 12INFO22292

Information session (followed by Q&A)
Territorial Cohesion


The Russian aggression has brought death and destruction to Ukraine. It has also created the largest wave of migration in Europe since WWII, shining a spotlight on many of ENI CBC’s eligible territories along the external borders of the EU. The ENI CBC family was called upon to act fast and this session will showcase the work achieved, from actions in the field building on existing CBC partnerships, to what needed to be done at EU headquarters. Wondering how the role of external cross-border cooperation has been affected? What has been done in practice? What are the implications for the future programming period? Join us to hear a young volunteer, DG REGIO, Managing Authorities and the National Authority of Ukraine discuss these questions, interact with the audience and enhance awareness about the response to the new challenges and the future of neighbourhood CBC programmes.

European Parliament - DG COMMTESIM-Particip GmbH
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