Digital education and skills – the role of local and regional authorities - 12WS22311

Digital Transition


The workshop’s objective is to exchange and highlight the experiences of local and regional authorities across the EU in the provision of high quality, inclusive and accessible digital education and skills. The workshop will be an opportunity to share good practices as well as common challenges and practical solutions. It will be based on the results of a survey capturing the experiences of local and regional authorities, and presentations of examples from different parts of Europe.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • learn about the European Commission’s actions and initiatives in the field of digital education and skills at local and regional level through the Digital Education Action Plan;
  • be part of a hands-on and interactive discussion with other representatives of local and regional authorities on  experiences, challenges and opportunities in digital education and skills development;
  • hear the experiences of two local and regional authorities’ representatives;
  • contribute to the Structured Dialogue on digital education and skills and the proposal for a Council Recommendation on the enabling factors for digital education, scheduled for adoption by the European Commission in early 2023.
European Commission - DG EACEuropean Committee of the Regions - SEDEC Commission
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