Cross-border pilot projects to boost innovation in the health system through data sharing - 12WS22309

Digital Transition


The workshop will showcase Interreg Italy-Slovenia's pilot projects boosting innovation in the health system through data sharing. Funded projects - CATTEDRA, C3B and ISE-EMH - support the digital transition of the healthcare system by providing innovative solutions to promote lifelong medical care for EU citizens. Projects aim to keep doctors and scientists connected through shared platforms to improve disease diagnosis and treatments not only in the cross-border area, but also outside the area of the programme by offering an innovative model that can be exported worldwide.  

In the framework of EU’s 2030 digital goals, the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Programme aims to foster the digital transition in public services, through synergies developed by three funded projects: CATTEDRA, C3B and ISE-EMH. These projects’ deliverables involve health data collection (biological samples) which is crucial for the advancement of medical research, reducing health inequalities and improving disease diagnosis and treatment. Data sharing, which ensures compatibility with regulatory frameworks that will safeguard both the rights of the individual and of society, is crucial also because it will facilitate cross-border research activities and stimulate innovation and impactful solutions. Ehealth and mHealth are essential tools for an effective digital transition and successful cooperation in a cross-border area. The young public will be involved thanks to a Ph.D student, who will share her experience in the field of innovative solutions for healthcare and research.

Arctur d.o.o. (ISE-EMH project)Fondazione Italiana Fegato (C3B project)Institute of Child and Maternal Health - IRCCS "Burlo Garofolo" (CATTEDRA project)Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia
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