#EURegionsWeekUniversity - Placing youth well-being at the centre of post-pandemic recovery in Europe - 12WS22426

Youth Empowerment


Policies to increase the economic and social wellbeing of young people need to be central to the post-pandemic recovery across Europe. This session will explore how these policies can be supported by partnerships between city/regional governments, universities and other local stakeholders. It will draw on experiences from the European University of Well-being (EUniWell) alliance of seven universities/regions across Europe, and bring these into dialogue with insights from other session participants.

Young people are at the centre of the EU’s plans for the post-COVID-19 recovery. For some groups, however, the impacts of the pandemic on their educational attainment, experience of employment, and mental health will continue to be felt as barriers to their full participation in this recovery. There is therefore a need for regional policies across Europe to develop innovative solutions to inequalities in the economic and social well-being of young people.

This session will engage with this pressing challenge by exploring how local stakeholders from different partners can work together to support groups of young people most affected by the pandemic. It will report policy insights and best practices from the EUniWell (European University of Well-being) alliance of seven European universities and regional partners. This will form the basis for an interactive discussion in which participants outside this network can contribute their insights into how policymakers can address this issue.

Draft Agenda:

  • Presentation of findings from the EUniWell Policy Commission on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on inequalities in individual and social well-being among young people
  • Panel discussion of experiences and best practices from other members of the EUniWell network
  • Discussant
  • Group interactive discussion around policy priorities for the EU relating to youth well-being and post-pandemic recovery 
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