Kick-start for Digitalisation via Global Crisis: Partnering for Resilient Connectivity for People - 11WS22428

Digital Transition


Europe has the opportunity to be a frontrunner in kick-starting the take-up of digitalisation, use of the next steps in digitalisation and the development and exploitation of future wireless technology. Wireless ICT Partnership works to give a boost to Europe’s competitiveness in this task. The goal is to give an overview from different perspectives on how the leading ICT regions are working with the future wireless, focusing on digitalisation and thematic topics in urban/rural settings.


And the four presentations as follows here:

  • Session moderator Mr. Mika Rantakokko, coordinator of European Wireless ICT Smart Specialisation Partnership, 6G Flagship, University of Oulu, Finland 
  • Keynote: European Wireless ICT Partnership as a tool to take the next step in digitalisation (10 minutes)
      • Ms. Tytti Tuppurainen, Minister of EU affairs, Finland
  • Presenting the practical cases to promote digital transition in Europe 
    • Digiby - digitalisation in rural areas in Northern Sweden (10 minutes)
      • Mr. Staffan Lundberg, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
    • Smart personalised mobility in Western Greece (10 minutes)
      • Professor Christos Zaroliagis, University of Patras, Greece
    • This is Smart City Eindhoven (10 minutes)
      • Mr. Wim De Kinderen, Programme Director, European Affairs, Brainport Eindhoven EU Office, Netherlands 
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