Regions, cities and Level(s): Powering the green transition in Europe’s buildings - 12INFO22326

Information session (followed by Q&A)
Green Transition


Cities and regions are key players in implementing the green transition in a sustainable built environment. This session will explain how the Level(s) framework can be used as a common language to engage a variety of actors in the building sector and translate broader EU climate and circular economy objectives into building projects within local and regional contexts.

Why attend?   

  • Learn how Level(s) can provide a simple entry point for applying circular economy principles in the built environment.
  • Hear examples of how a regional initiative has used Level(s) to deliver on local goals for the green transition.
  • Understand how Level(s) can enhance a dialogue between design, technical and financial actors in new build and renovation projects.
  • Get your questions answered!

What is Level(s)?

Level(s) is an EU assessment and reporting framework that provides the basis for including lifecycle thinking and circularity in building policy. The framework uses core sustainability indicators, tested by the building sector, and provides a robust approach to measure and support improvements from design to end of life. Level(s):

  • is based on a method tried and tested across the EU;
  • is a simple entry tool for sustainability assessment with a step-wise approach;
  • guides EU policy (including the Sustainable Finance Taxonomy and proposed revisions of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive);
  • is being integrated into the EU Green Public Procurement Criteria for buildings;
  • brings minimum numbers of indicators with maximum leverage to deliver sustainability;
  • creates a common language for a variety of actors.

Join us to deepen your understanding of how to use Level(s) to measure performance at every lifecycle stage!

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