Involving young people in nature protection - 12WS22441

Youth Empowerment


Alien species are living organisms, plants and animals, non-native to Europe, which may have a significant impact on citizens' everyday life, affecting the environment, the economy and health. The JRC European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN) facilitates access to updated information on alien species through web services and direct interaction with the public through educational tools. The EASIN Citizen Science strategy focuses on engaging people across Europe on alien species issues, ensuring support for the implementation of EU policy. In particular, to increase young people's involvement, scientific communication is tailored to this audience (Frontiers, Gnius) and an online course with a focus on teachers and students was developed. The workshop will gather contributions from the JRC School Programme, European and national projects working on science transferability on alien species, and representatives from youth organisations. The enlightening presentations and discussion will allow participants to interact on the needs for achieving and improving youth empowerment on biodiversity and ecosystem protection.

European Alien Species Information Network (JRC EASIN)LIFE INVASAQUA project
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