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The Sustainable Mobility in Interreg Programmes participatory lab aims to show the main achievements obtained through Interreg projects, highlighting best practices on the issue of sustainable mobility. The speaker will expose concrete examples of intermodal services, of how the railway line has been enhanced, and encourage and raise awareness of the use of public transport. In addition, the MaaS concept (mobility as a service) will be addressed on a deeper level, and the relationship between technologies applied to mobility, as well as the strong 'green' link, will be explained.

In particular, five key partners of projects related to Interreg programs will discuss the results obtained in European
projects related to mobility and transport. Examples of such projects include ALPIMED MOBIL and CLIP E-TRASPORTI (Interreg It-Fr Alcotra) involving the Liguria Region, MOBIMART and MOBIMART PLUS (Interreg It-Fr Marittimo) involving the Tuscany Region and the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie of Nice, and PRIMAAS (Interreg Europe) led by the University of Aveiro. In addition, the partners will showcase a video on the achievements of the TRENO project.

This session will be held in connection with a meeting of the Action Group 4 of Eusalp (Alpine macro-strategy) that the Liguria Region will host the day before. The meeting will address issues consistent with the workshop topics, such as the Green Deal applied to mobility, digitalisation in the field of transports, electronic ticketing and the MaaS model.

Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie - CCI Nice Côte d'AzurLiguria RegionSUD – Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur RegionTuscany RegionUniversidade de Aveiro
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