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Territorial Cohesion


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Do you want to know how you can maximise the value of research and innovation in your region? Do you want to know how to transform knowledge and ideas into innovative solutions for the benefit of citizens? Do you want to know how to involve all knowledge generators in your region/city to find practical solutions to challenging needs? In this session on knowledge valorisation you can find the answers to these questions and much more, and learn about how valorisation policies can boost territorial cohesion.

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Transforming research results into solutions for society is key to safeguarding our health, supporting Europe’s recovery and boosting the green and digital transitions. "Knowledge valorisation" describes the transformation of knowledge and ideas into innovative solutions for the benefit of citizens.

Knowledge valorisation, as expressed in European valorisation policy, promotes the transformation of knowledge through various channels, from the creation of academic spinoffs and startups, via intellectual assets management, citizen engagement and participatory innovation, to industry-academia collaboration and standardisation.

Based on a toolbox designed to increase the impact of R&I investment, valorisation policy ensures that data, research results and innovations are turned into sustainable solutions with economic value and societal benefits.

During the pandemic, it has become even more evident that we need to collaborate, share knowledge and accelerate the use of R&I results in order to deliver urgently needed solutions. New models of collaboration among researchers, innovators and citizens as members of communities can also boost a culture of transparency, inclusiveness and trust, strengthening the value of science for society and informing R&I policymaking. All actors must be involved in valorisation, and knowledge generators in the EU need to become aware of the different ways of finding impactful applications for their results.

The Knowledge Valorisation Platform was created to enrich the knowledge base and improve understanding of the knowledge valorisation activities of the Member States and stakeholders. The platform connects players across the EU and provides them with a space to share their best practices, knowledge and expertise in putting the excellent research results and data we produce in Europe into practical use. The aim of the platform is ultimately to improve policies and enhance capacities and skills. The platform hosts a repository of best practices in strategies and tools from across Europe, 'learning from experience' examples and relevant policies. Almost all practices included in the repository have a regional dimension and some of them derive from regional actors.

The proposed session will demonstrate knowledge valorisation tools that are applied at regional level. It will demonstrate how collaborations between industry-academia and local communities can take place at regional level and how knowledge valorisation tools can be used to engage citizens in participatory innovation. In addition, the session will present how knowledge valorisation, through a set of guiding principles, can be taken up in local and regional policies. The session will include at least one practical example from the repository of best practices on the Knowledge Valorisation Platform that has local/regional interest.

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