Launch of the TEN-T Scan-Med Observatory - 12WS22238

Green Transition


In 2021, the European Commission adopted four proposals that put the transport sector on track to cut emissions by 90%. In the revised TEN-T regulation, the number of urban nodes on the network increased from 88 to 424, giving more importance to cities in TEN-T network development. This event launches the Scan-Med Observatory – a new city-led initiative to pursue action on connected and climate-neutral cities and to ensure that local and regional perspectives are included in TEN-T priorities. This new initiative will facilitate dialogue across different administrative levels and stakeholders to make sure that the interfaces between the TEN-T network and metropolitan areas get the necessary attention in the new TEN-T regulation.

The Scan-Med Observatory and this launch event are part of the Horizon 2020 innovation project MOVE21. Partner cities and metropolitan areas in MOVE21: Oslo, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Munich, Bologna and Rome.

Who should attend?

  • Everyone wishing to learn more about the role of urban nodes, cities and metropolitan areas in the revised Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) network.
  • Everyone wishing to influence the work of the Scan-Med Observatory.
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