Integrated Approaches for Dissonant Heritage in Europe - 11PL22387

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Territorial Cohesion


All over Europe, dissonant heritage of the 20th century is under discussion. This interdisciplinary pan-European project offers an in-depth exchange about integrated approaches to dissonant heritage, especially in smaller towns and remote areas. A working group of European institutions, international experts, researchers and local practitioners has been working intensively on the topic since 2020.


The discussion will explore, e.g.: How can integrated approaches develop the potential of these sites for society, for tourism and for urban and regional development and make it usable in the long term, e.g. as places of civic participation, learning, democracy building and inclusiveness?


The participatory lab will offer three parallel breakout sessions: (1) “Dissonance against Environment and Climate”, (2) “Wars and conflicts” (previous and current), (3) “Colonialism / racism”.


The exchange contributes to the Partnership on Culture and Cultural Heritage in the Urban Agenda for the EU and develops policy recommendations for better funding, better regulation and better knowledge for the EU, Member States, cities and regions.

German Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB)ICOMOS Germany
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