Building a better central Europe - Impacts of transnational Interreg cooperation today and tomorrow - 13Testi22340

20th anniversary Testimonial
Territorial Cohesion


For the past 25 years, Interreg has connected people across borders who believe that cooperation is key. With our transnational funding, we have helped regions and cities at the heart of Europe become better places to live and work in. In this session, our experienced expert will look back at relevant achievements of transnational cooperation in Central Europe. More importantly, however, he will also tell the story of cooperation to come. In the coming years, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE will support regions and cities in becoming more integrated and in finding common answers to climate change, innovation gaps and other imminent challenges. We will support the necessary transition of Central Europe, both in highly industrialised urban areas and in remote rural regions, and, as such, will contribute to key objectives outlined in the EU Green Deal and other EU strategies.

Background information: Since 1997, Interreg has been financing transnational cooperation in Central Europe to tackle common challenges and find shared solutions (initially through the CADSES programme and then Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE). Over the past 25 years, our funding has resulted in hundreds of cooperation projects across borders that have helped our regions and cities change and become better in many ways. Our project partners have built mutual trust, developed and implemented new solutions for shared challenges, and carried out thousands of tangible pilot measures and investments. They have thus contributed to reducing regional economic disparities in the area.

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