Practical session on capitalising on good preventive practices in forest fire extinction management FIREPOCTEP - 13WS22458

Territorial Cohesion


The Finnova Foundation, in collaboration with the other beneficiaries of the FIREPOCTEP project, is organising this conference on good governance in common management systems for the prevention and extinction of forest fires in the area of La Raya (border between Spain and Portugal), promoting tools for self-protection and creation green jobs in rural areas. It is an example of cohesion and cooperation between two European countries, with the aim of designing a participatory fire prevention strategy based on agricultural, livestock and forestry activities that restore a diverse, inhabited landscape with a lower risk of fires.

Centro de Estudos Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra (CIM COIMBRA)Fundación Delegación Fundación FinnovaFundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega (FEUGA)Universidade de Évora (UÉVORA)
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