The Transition Towards a Smarter and Greener Sustainable Tourism Ecosystem in the Mediterranean - 12WS22466

Green Transition


This workshop aims to foster dialogue on the transition towards a greener and more digital sustainable tourism, with a focus on the Mediterranean basin and the concrete case study of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism:

  • What are European decision-makers expecting to happen in the European regions?
  • Can the experience of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism be considered a case study, an example to be replicated elsewhere?
  • What do the stakeholders need to be supported in this transition?

The panellists will debate these aspects, with a view to drafting proposals. Participants will hear success stories with concrete examples of Digital and Green Tourism and of how this contributes to sustainable and balanced growth in the Mediterranean region.

This partner's event is organised by NECSTouR, the network of European Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism, and can be called the capitalisation conference of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism community.

Since 2016, an experiment has been taking place, gathering EU-funded projects in thematic communities in the Mediterranean region, with ERDF funds available through the INTERREG MED programme.

The rationale behind this decision was guided by the belief that cooperation between several actors and projects under the same community could amplify connections, spread knowledge, and strengthen cohesion through regions replicating and capitalising on best practices. The biggest community is dedicated to sustainable tourism, with 30 projects, investments worth + EUR 50 million, involving more than 200 organisations and hundreds of other public and private stakeholders.

The challenges facing the Mediterranean region are countless: climate change, loss of biodiversity, youth unemployment, the depopulation of rural and internal areas, economic disparities, to mention just a few. Through this community for Sustainable Tourism, we are striving to reverse those trends: dozens of proposals for digitalisation, for a green transition, for sustainable actions to support local populations, their economies and the local environments have been planned, tested and evaluated. Multilevel governance systems for the involvement and coordination of local stakeholders are at the basis of every action.

As a consequence of these efforts, a regional ecosystem of sustainable tourism is growing in the region: examples of strong partnerships for a digital and green transition between different actors at technical and policy level, attempts to capitalise on best practices, shared messages such as the “MED DECLARATION for a smarter and greener sustainable tourism ecosystem in the Mediterranean region” are all tangible evidence of this ecosystem and of its maturity to enter into dialogue with high-level representatives of the European institutions.

Interreg MED Sustainable TourismNetwork of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism (NECSTouR)
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