Regions and municipalities addressing the new challenges of uniting Europe - 13WS22365

Territorial Cohesion


Europe is facing one of its toughest periods since World War 2 because of the COVID-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine. Regions, local authorities and the EU as a whole share the same burdens and responsibilities towards Europeans. It's time to stand together and give the words unity, recovery and resilience a clear meaning. With our workshop we will showcase how regions and municipalities settle their local policy priorities by aligning their own funds with EU ones to achieve their goals. Urban areas, towns, villages and rural areas, if linked and connected, all help to create a more sustainable, more inclusive, fairer and greener world, and an unhurried, digital and people-friendly place to live, learn, work, rest and travel.

Join in: in this interactive debate we can all provide and take inspiration from our experiences.

Municipality of FyliRegional Council of Pays de la LoireUmbria RegionWarmia-Mazury Region and Association of Polish Cittaslow Towns
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