Food 2030: Regions as Agents of Change for Sustainable Food Systems and Bio-Based Solutions - 12PL22377

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This Participatory Lab will be an interactive session on Feedback to Policy where attendees will have their own say to build the food systems and bio-based solutions of the future in Europe. Speakers from the Commission will set the scene on policies. Navarra Region (Spain) will speak about how the Recovery and Resilience Plans can act as instruments for food system transformations in regions. Paper Province Cluster (Sweden) will present their experience on how to make transitions to bio-based solutions. ERRIN network will support the event.




– Introduction to the Participatory Lab – Ms Karen Fabbri DHoU - DG RTD European Commission, Bioeconomy and Food Systems (Moderator)


– Framing the Concepts about Bioeconomy and Food Systems – Mr. Adrian Leip - DG RTD – European Commission


– PAPER PROVINCE (Sweden) - How regions can make transitions to bio-based solutions – Ms Sandra Sundback, CEO Paper Province (Region Varmland)

– NAVARRA Region Government (Spain) – How the Recovery and Resilience Plans can act as agents of change for food system transformations – Mr Mikel Irujo, Regional Minister for Development and Strategic Projects

Breakout groups

Facilitation: RTD - EC with support from ERRIN members and partners

– Food systems: What would regions need now to speed up the transition to sustainable food systems?

– Bio-based solutions: What would regions need now to speed and scale up the transition to bio-based solutions?

– Feedback from session rapporteurs

– Final wrap-up by Ms Pirita Lindholm (ERRIN Director) and Ms Karen Fabbri (DG RTD B2 – EC)


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