Pact for Skills - Enabling the green transition in automotive regions - 10WS22446

Green Transition


The automotive ecosystem is undergoing a fundamental transformation related to the twin green and digital transitions, in which European regions are at the forefront of the change. To ensure that the process is fair and just, we need to establish multi-stakeholder processes at the European and regional levels. The workshop aims to bring together regions from across the EU to discuss how they can address the challenges related to the transformation. There is an ongoing need to anticipate and support the creation of a skilled workforce in the automotive ecosystem. The workshop will therefore be focused on concrete upskilling/reskilling initiatives and projects at regional level, based on regional policies as well as experiences, in the sense of a genuine bottom-up principle.

Regions and municipalities from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Czechia, Slovakia, and Romania will share their experiences with the purpose of formulating joint recommendations on the best way to address regional re/upskilling needs. Partners from all around Europe will have a chance to draw inspiration from the innovative regional projects involving research & development facilities, education and training providers, businesses as well as public organisations with the common goal to develop specific training programmes for the new and fast-growing technologies in the automotive ecosystem.

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