#EURegionsWeekUniversity – EU cities as Green Deal actors - 11WS22278

Green Transition


This session reflects on the role that cities need to play for the EU to be able to achieve the ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal. While cities are increasingly recognised by EU institutions as central actors in this regard, the EU governance and policy frameworks in which they operate limit their capacity to contribute to the digital, green and just transitions proposed by the Green Deal. This session focuses on these issues, aiming to engage the audience in this timely reflection.

Here we focus on the added value of the session.

  • The main focus here is on a crucial policy issue that the EU needs to address in the years to come – both a challenge and an opportunity.  However, there is little public reflection surrounding the topic. This session aims to engage the EURegionsWeek audience in this debate.
  • The session brings to the very centre of the EU Regions Week 2022 the European Green Deal: the EU roadmap that will determine EU policies in the years to come.  We focus on one main crucial issue: the fact that the European Green Deal objectives cannot be achieved without engaging local governments. But how will the European Green Deal become 'local'? How can EU cities become 'green-dealers'?
  • This session includes insights from experts from different affiliations and backgrounds, which provide a comprehensive understanding of the issue.
  • The session is proposed as part of the activities developed by the RSA CPnet Research Network.

Draft Agenda:

  • Introduction of the session topic
    The introduction contextualises the EU Green Deal in the general EU policy framework, its relevance and its ambitious objectives.  It also touches on the relevance of the role of EU cities for achieving such objectives, giving the floor to the speakers.
  • Insights on 'EU cities as key Green Deal actors' from the speakers' viewpoints
    This is the central part of the session, with experts from different policy and research backgrounds going in-depth on the relevant role that cities need to play for the EU to achieves the Green Deal objectives by 2050.
  • Speaker presentations
  • Presentation of the replies received from people registered
    In this part, three attendees will be asked to present their thoughts about some of the questions posed to the audience prior to the session.
  • Interaction among the speakers and open debate with the public







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